Ms. Miriam Christina Zahavi, founder and president of the Christina Company, has been appointed ambassador of Israel to the Global Wellness Day social project.

Global Wellness Day is a not-for profit day created by volunteers and dedicated to raising awareness to healthy, balanced life styles and overall well living.

Global Wellness Day is celebrated every year on the second Saturday of June in 100 countries around the world, uniting people in their common dream of looking good and living under good physical and mental conditions. The fundamental goal of the Global Wellness Day is to make people aware of the values of lives well lived.

Global Wellness Day celebrates the values of exercising, proper nutrition, and the importance of a healthy mind in a healthy body. It aims to show the world that a better quality of life can be attained for the benefit of all humankind.

The agenda of the Global Wellness Day social platform motivates every individual to make the dream of significantly improving the standard of his living reality.

"One day can change your whole life!"

The Christina Company and Mrs. Miriam Zehavi, the Global Wellness Day ambassador in Israel, pledged to promote the event together with Synergy Spa at Ein Gedi Hotel, by the Dead Sea.

June 11, 2016 marked the first day of its kind in Israel, with interesting and exciting activities centered on the synergistic body and mind well being.

The beginning of the day was marked by a pleasant and friendly reception, followed by two interesting lectures – It's All about Balance and Skin Cell Regeneration and Detoxification. The hotel guests participated in yoga workshops, luxuriated in body massages and Christina facial treatments while indulging in healthy natural refreshments. They toured the hotel's botanical garden and later on said goodbye in a warm, closing ceremony.