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Christina Partners with Vietnam’s Luxury Leaders

Christina’s new partnership in Vietnam was launched on September 9th at a very special event, held at the prestigious InterContinental Hotel in Hanoi.
Christina, together with Vietnam’s leading professional publishing house and opinion leaders club, Lady Luxury – Nam Houng, organized the special Best Beauty & Wellbing Competition, aiming to select the country’s top 100 beauty salons and luxury spa centers. Criteria for the competition will include quality, professionalism, service efficiency and prestige.
The festive launch event was attended by over 200 guests, including prominent business leaders, celebrities and world-class spa professionals. The host was Ms. World runner-up Thu Huong, who emphasized the importance of the contest in attracting both domestic and international customers, thereby spreading the Christina brand name and excellent quality, or as she put it: spreading beauty all around.
Thu Huong is the head of the organizing committee’s and a founding member of the Lady Luxury publishing house. The competition’s evaluation committee consists of well-known professionals, including members of the Lady Luxury Club and the Women Networking Club. Members of both clubs hold weekly meetings, leading various businesses and nation-wide initiatives and projects.
This important new collaboration and its unique event will undoubtedly contribute to promoting the Christina brand, treatments and products in the growing Vietnam market.




Les Nouvelles Esthétiques – Vida Estética

muse_jar_abs_defenceAbsolute Defense has been awarded the prize for innovation at LNE/VE
Originating in Paris, France and celebrating over 10 years, the Les Nouvelles
Esthétiques – Vida Estética awards bring together prominent leaders in the fields of
aesthetics, and reward quality and innovation. This year, the awards and International
Congress took place in Spain.

For 2014, Christina’s Muse Absolute Defense serum was featured for high standards
in attractive design, innovation and marked customer satisfaction. Members of
the media and an impressive array of cosmetics and beauty professionals were
on hand to witness international director of Les Nouvelles Esthétiques, Michele de
Lattre-Pierantoni, present this internationally prestigious award to local Christina
representative Erwin Ramal during the Cosmobelleza trade fair in Barcelona.

Absolute Defense: Based on advanced ingredients such as Telosense Active, Absolute
Defense revitalizes the skin and reinforces its natural barrier, enhancing cell longevity.
The serum, one of the highly effective products in the Muse line, assists in keeping
cells healthy, preserving skin’s youthful appearance for much longer.

Muse – Rose Petal Perfection

The Christina Company Concludes its Inaugural Partners’ Conference With Great Prospects for the Future

More than 80 participants from over 25 countries gathered together to celebrate the first Christina Worldwide Partners’ Conference. The exciting conference took place from March 24th – March 27th at the vast and luxurious Cramim Spa Hotel in Israel, currently considered the largest spa location in the Middle East.

The 3 day conference was launched with a festive cocktail party where Christina launched its newest innovation- the Château de Beauté product line, based on the pure state-of-the-art benefits of wine and its components. The cocktail party was a perfect start to this celebratory event.

Over the next 3 days the Christina Company held in-depth sessions focused on both educational and business orientations. It was clear from the start that all Christina partners around the world share a great global vision for the future.

For the first time Christina’s partners learned firsthand of the Company’s growing market and its great plans for the days ahead. Vital information and knowledge were shared about this worldwide professional cosmetics brand which is looking towards more beautiful, brighter and exciting years of success.

christina chateau group photo0204 (1) christina chateau1 (1)

Hitting the spot – Christina shines at ISPA 2011

Las Vegas, U.S., November 7-9, 2011

From left: Elaine Linker, ‘Cinderella,’ Kelli Anderson, and Christina Zehavi at the ISPA 2011 trade show.
Christina’s presence at the 21st ISPA Tradeshow brought with it a fresh wave of interest from industry leaders and top publications.
With 2,250 attendees from over 30 countries, ISPA also afforded Christina with another excellent networking opportunity. Participants from many major US spas received treatments from Christina, and understood first-hand why the company is at the forefront of its industry.
After two-days of demo facials by Christina, Spa Shiki (voted the best spa in the Midwest by Spa Magazine) will now offer the Unstress, Flouroxygen and Comodex facials at their spa; Skin & Spa Park Avenue cosmetic dermatologist practice (named Best practice 10 years in a row by NY magazine) will carry an assortment of Christina treatements; and Orange Skye Spa (of the affluent New Jersey area) will be taking Christina as their exclusive brand.
Furthermore, a successful marketing event during the show, called the Silk Facial the “Cinderella Facial” – the instant magic you need to look your best for the ball, even had directors of the Wynn and Encore Spas in Vegas adding the Silk Facial to their treatment menus.

In the pipeline – Christina is bringing out a new product line

While we can’t divulge all the details, Christina has been hard at work developing a brand new line of professional beauty treatments. The revolutionary range of products, usher in a new approach in the field of skincare and anti-aging treatments, based on Genes Science and the detoxification process.

New at Christina USA!

HOT in the U.S.A.!

An introduction and training meeting was held in Sarasota, Florida in February 2011.
Joe Contorno, President and CEO of Christina-USA, brought together a wide range of experts to learn firsthand about Christina’s professional products and treatments and now the rest is history…

Joe Contorno has connected with countless smart and talented professionals in a wide range of fields from all over the country; and is committed to support licensed aesthetic professionals in the USA by providing hands on training, in-depth educational seminars, and social media support, NOW up and running!

This support includes providing Seven Multi-Stage Professional Treatments, specifically formulated for each major skin concern; and combined with targeted home care products, trained with Christina Zehavi and assisted by C.I.D.E.S.C.O. Diplomat Michelle Tavares.

Our mission is to provide the American skin care market with a new direction in professional skin care products and guidance. We are now striving to bring this success to the USA; where various regions have their own specific skin care issues.

Let’s go forward now to have an even greater success in the new and exciting American skin care market. By working together, we make this happen!
For more information, click here.

Major California Skincare Supply has reached agreement with Christina USA!

California Skincare Supply, a leading distributor of professional skincare products in California for twenty years has reached agreement with Christina USA to act as a distributor for California. Keli Anderson, president of California Skincare Supply has a staff of representatives and trainers in California and will help cut the time between order and receipt of shipment from more than six days to less than three.

Opening of a new NickOl Center in St. Petersburg!

We are excited to notify about the opening of a new NickOl Center offices in St-Petersburg on February 23 2011

Welcome to our new distributor at: Santa Cruz de Tenerife!
We are delighted to welcome our new distributor at: Santa Cruz de Tenerife to the Christina family!

Larysa Kostiv Distribucion
Direccion: c. La Polka 22 puerta 7 Las Chafiras
San Miguel de Abona c.p. 38639
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Tel: +0034 -617 94 38 47
Email: laura.kst@hotmail.com

We see great potential in working together and are looking forward to long and mutually beneficial relationships.

אנו מתרגשים להודיע על הקמת כריסטינה בארה”ב!

ג’ו קונטורנו, נשיא ומנכ”ל כריסטינה ארה”ב, בעל עבר משגשג בהשקת חברות טיפוח עור בארה”ב. “כמייסד חברת DDF , כריסטינה היא הצעד הטבעי והנכון בתחום הטיפוח והאסתטיקה המקצועיים. אני מאד מתרגש להציג לארה”ב את מה שאני מאמין כקומבינציה של “אסתטיקה ומדע אמיתיים”, אמר קונטורנו. עם שימוש בכישורים והיעזרות בתמיכה המלאה של קבוצת כריסטינה, יושקו בקרוב קמפיין פרסומי ויחסי ציבור על מנת לעודד את הצלחת המותג בארה”ב.

לקריאת הידיעה לעיתונות הרשמית אשר פורסמה לאחרונה ( Word Document )

Eize Yofi – Popular Beauty Show in Israel


Emphasizing facial parts

Questions & Answers

Nurtured skin


Skincare during army service

Returning from vacation

Powerful skin treatments


Lip treatment

Lip Care

Eye Care


Prepare your skin for winter

Radiance look

Ready for vacation – skincare during flights

Skin Moisturizing

Moisture Fusion Launch Announcement

חדש מ- Forever Young: פיתרון הלחות האופטימלי של Moisture Fusion

אנו יכולים לספק לעור לחות אופטימלית בכדי שלא יזדקן לפנינו…

הנוסחה הייחודית של Moisture Fusion כוללת שימוש בטכנולוגיה ומרכיבים מדעיים מתקדמים לאספקת לחות אבסולוטית, שימורה ומניעת אובדנה מהשכבות הפנימיות והחיצוניות של העור לקבלת מראה בריא, גמיש מתוח ומלא נפח.

פיתרון הלחות האופטימלי של Moisture Fusion מיועד להמריץ את הייצור העצמוני הטבעי של החומצה ההילאורונית בעור כאשר בו זמנית מספק אותה באופן חיצוני. הוא מחדש את המחסום העורי הטבעי, מסייע לעור בתהליך הבניה המחודשת של התאים ומעצים את יכולת ההתגוננות של העור מפני מזיקים חיצוניים.

Moisture Fusion Serum
של העור וממריץ את הייצור העצמוני סרום המועשר בפפטיד חדשני החודר לשכבות העמוקות של העור וממריץ את הייצור העצמוני הטבעי של החומצה ההיאלורונית הפוחת עם התבגרות העור. החומצה ההיאלורונית מעניקה לחות אופטימלית לעור ומשפרת את רמתה על ידי “קשירת” המים לעור ובמקביל, מונעת אובדן מים טרנס אפידרמלי טבעי.
בשילוב עם פפטידים ומרכיבי לחות אקטיביים נוספים, הסרום משפר ומחזק את סיבי הקולגן, ממריץ את הסינתזה ובנייתן המחודשת של רקמות האלסטין לשיפור נפח העור, מוצקותו ומרקמו לקבלת אפקט מתיחת פנים טבעי.

Moisture Fusion Cream
קרם מרוכז במרקם קליל המורכב מתרכובת חדשנית של לחותנים המעניקים לעור באופן חיצוני לחות אופטימלית ארוכת טווח ומשפרים את גמישותו ומוצקותו.
הקרם מועשר בחומצה הילאורונית המיוצרת בטכנולוגיית ננו מתקדמת המאפשרת חדירה עמוקה ואפקטיבית יותר לשכבות העור להקניית לחות מקסימלית ומניעת אובדנה, מילוי קמטים בעור והענקת נפח, לקבלת מראה מוצק וצעיר.