Christina Company’s Partners Conference

Sharing the Future with all Our Partners

The Christina Company is delighted to announce that its first worldwide business partners conference will take place between March 24th – March 27th at the vast and luxurious Cramim Spa Hotel.
The Cramim Hotel has what is currently considered the largest spa location in the Middle East. Naturally, we, at Christina, thought this amazingly beautiful hotel (Christina’s new spa hotel chain partner) would be the perfect venue for this celebratory event.

We will launch the 3-day Conference with a festive cocktail party where we will present for the first time the new and innovative Christina product line, a product line based on the pure benefits of wine and its components.

Over the following 3 days we will hold in-depth sessions where we will present all that is new, go over all that has happened and learn from each of our partners. By sharing together vital and essential information we will ensure our future global growth!