Christina Miriam Zehavi – Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Person of the Year

The Christina Company is pleased and excited to announce that Christina Miriam
Zehavi was chosen by Les Nouvelles Esthetiques for the prestigious award Person
of the Year.

The event took place at the InterCHARM Professional International Exhibition in
Moscow on April 17th – 2014.
The “Person of the Year” award was established in 2010 and is granted to the
professional who has made the largest impact and demonstrated leadership in the
professional cosmetics community during the current year.

Christina Miraim Zehavi was chosen not only for her significant contribution in
developing the world of professional cosmetics but also for a lifetime of sharing her
impressive experience with other professionals.
While conferring the award, Les Nouvelles Esthetiques executives congratulated
the Christina Company’s close partners Nikolay and Gennady Miroshnichenko,
Tomer Zehavi, Ms. Zehavi’s son, and Christina’s CEO, as well as Nickol distributers
in Russia, “Old Fortress” General Director (founder of LNE in Russia) Sergei
Krasnoshchek and Chairman Patrice Le Lann.

This prestigious award is shared with you, our many partners around the world. As
the Christina Company always strives to lead the way in the field of professional
cosmetics, we are delighted to share the good news with you.

To many more years of success.
The Christina Company