Les Nouvelles Esthétiques – Vida Estética

muse_jar_abs_defenceAbsolute Defense has been awarded the prize for innovation at LNE/VE
Originating in Paris, France and celebrating over 10 years, the Les Nouvelles
Esthétiques – Vida Estética awards bring together prominent leaders in the fields of
aesthetics, and reward quality and innovation. This year, the awards and International
Congress took place in Spain.

For 2014, Christina’s Muse Absolute Defense serum was featured for high standards
in attractive design, innovation and marked customer satisfaction. Members of
the media and an impressive array of cosmetics and beauty professionals were
on hand to witness international director of Les Nouvelles Esthétiques, Michele de
Lattre-Pierantoni, present this internationally prestigious award to local Christina
representative Erwin Ramal during the Cosmobelleza trade fair in Barcelona.

Absolute Defense: Based on advanced ingredients such as Telosense Active, Absolute
Defense revitalizes the skin and reinforces its natural barrier, enhancing cell longevity.
The serum, one of the highly effective products in the Muse line, assists in keeping
cells healthy, preserving skin’s youthful appearance for much longer.

Muse – Rose Petal Perfection